Dental & Vision Insurance

Do you fear surprises when paying your bill at the dentist? Would you like a worry-free, comprehensive dental insurance plan that covers a wide range of services? You may enjoy a full coverage dental insurance plan with no waiting period. A wait-free plan covers your expenses for basic and complicated dental services. So you deserve a dental insurance plan that maximizes your coverage while minimizing your monthly out-of-pocket costs.  Fortunately, at Nationwide Life Plans we offer a variety of plans that are sure to suit everyone’s dental needs.

Dental Insurance Provides Three Levels of Coverage

In dental insurance, there are three levels of coverage: preventive, minor, and major. Full coverage dental insurance covers dental treatments from all of these levels. Full coverage dental insurance is not restricted to preventive services  and could also cover major work:

  • cleanings
  • fluoride treatments
  • fillings
  • x-rays
  • root canals
  • bridgework
  • denture repair

Full Coverage Dental with No Waiting Period?

Yes! If you need a major dental service in the near future, you want a dental plan that starts right away. Full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period means that you would encounter no waiting period for an array of services, including major dental procedures. Other plans may require a 12 month waiting period. Luckily, dental insurance with no waiting period takes the wait out of the equation. On top of that, full coverage dental insurance can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses after a major dental procedure.

Vision Insurance

Can you believe how affordable we make high-quality vision care insurance!  At Nationwide Life Plans we offer vision insurance plans starting as low as $9 per month and many of those plans include an annual exam.  Other possible plan benefits can include light and comfy designer frames, contact lenses and much more!

Does working with an agent cost me more?

No, you will pay the same amount to work with an agent as you would if you were researching and dealing with the application process all on your own.

What are the advantages to working with an agent?

Nationwide Life Plans currently has agents with over 30+ years of experience, who can help you determine what you are eligible for and when. We are devoted to providing a personalized touch, that only an independent broker can offer. We represent most major health insurance companies; our entire focus is on working with our clients and finding the most efficient plan for them.

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