Nationwide Life Plans. is an independent online life insurance agency put on this planet to save families from financial struggle one life insurance policy at a time. Our mission is to bring simplicity to buying life insurance by using technology in combination with our expertise and unique branding. We want to raise awareness of life insurance as a necessity in every household by creating a way everyone can understand, afford and attain the right life insurance coverage to protect their financial responsibilities.

While there are some good independent life insurance agents, most agents and call centers care about only one thing, and that’s their bottom line. Nationwide Life Plans exists for the sole purpose of eliminating the industry of self-oriented business people. Businesses should only exist for the purpose of serving people products that can assist them, especially a product that brings with it as much a responsibility as life insurance.


As an independent life insurance agency we

  • Shop around – we compare life insurance quotes with all the A-rated carriers on the market to make sure that you get the best rate.
  • Case by case underwriting – we work closely with our underwriters to be aware of any changes in policies and rates. What most of our customers don’t know is the best rate for YOU isn’t always what pops up the lowest on the quote engine.
  • Provide lifetime service – Our business with our customer’s doesn’t end on the first call. We offer a lifetime of service for all of your life insurance needs. We also encourage you to give your beneficiaries our information so that we can make the claims process easier for them in the case of your passing.


There are many independent life insurance distributors out there that offer the same companies at the same rates because all rates are fixed by law. What makes Nationwide Life Plans different is the customer’s experience.


We are passionate about bringing simplicity to life insurance by delivering the products to our customers in a way that they can grasp what they are getting. We’ve also worked hard to make our website a resource for information on life insurance.


We keep a completely open book with all of our customers. There are no behind the scenes tricks or scripts that our agents use. We use things like screen sharing and video chatting to guide our clients through the process. We keep an open environment with our customers and employees to ensure that our business is built on trust.


Many life insurance agents and call centers follow a script and care only about getting as many deals as possible. That’s why they resort to high pressure sales and gimmicks to try and manipulate people into buying a policy they don’t need. We only hire people who share our passion for helping people find what’s best for them and that have the client’s best interest in mind.


Everyone makes the claim, not everyone lives up it. We guarantee service on the highest level. Our agents are friendly, caring and most important of all, human. We make sure we get in touch with our clients immediately and keep them updated throughout the process. And when you decide to shop with us, you get our top notch service for a lifetime.

Don’t take our word for it, call us today and see for yourself.